What is hr’s Role in Company Culture

Human resources (HR) plays a critical role in shaping and maintaining company culture. HR is responsible for establishing policies, procedures, and practices that align with the organization’s values and goals, and ensure that these are consistently applied across the company. HR uses employee training software to design and deliver training programs that align with the company’s culture and values. Here are some ways in which HR contributes to company culture:

Developing and Communicating Company Values:

HR works with leadership to develop and communicate the company’s values, mission, and vision.

Recruitment and Hiring:

HR is responsible for recruiting and hiring employees who align with the company’s culture and values.

Onboarding and Training:

HR is responsible for designing and implementing an effective onboarding program that helps new employees understand and embrace the company’s culture. HR uses employee onboarding software to ensure that new employees receive a comprehensive introduction to the company’s culture and values.

Employee Engagement:

HR leads initiatives to promote employee engagement and foster a positive work environment. HR uses employee engagement software to design and implement initiatives that foster a sense of community and connection among employees.

Performance Management:

HR manages the performance management process, which includes setting performance expectations, evaluating employee performance, and providing feedback.

Employee Development:

HR provides opportunities for employee development, such as training and development programs, to support the growth and success of employees.

Employee Relations:

HR handles employee relations and handles issues related to employee satisfaction and engagement.


HR ensures that the company is in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements related to the workplace, including diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

Employee Retention:

HR implements programs and initiatives to retain top talent, such as competitive compensation and benefits, employee recognition, and professional development opportunities.

Continuously Evaluate and Improve:

HR continuously evaluates and improves the company culture by measuring employee engagement and satisfaction, and by taking action to address any issues that arise.

In summary, HR plays a critical role in shaping and maintaining a company’s culture by supporting the overall well-being and satisfaction of employees, promoting collaboration and teamwork, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

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