Best Employee Onboarding Software

Communicate how everyone can contribute positively to company culture, mission, vision, and goals.

Employee Engagement Software

Onboard Employee Before They Step in

Vite allows you to put together and send an onboarding kit - documents to sign, forms to fill, and security policies, or handbooks to be shared, all in a few clicks.

Employee self-service

Let your new hires enter all their personal and professional details by themselves on the employee portal.

Tasks and assignments

Automatically assign and track tasks that IT, HR, an admin, or anyone has to complete.

Send reminders

Send friendly nudges to new employees to get them to finish onboarding.

Onboarding checklists

New hires certainly don't want
to spend their first few days figuring out how to use

Electronic signatures

No more chasing lost forms or missing signatures. Simply get your onboarding forms and documents

Keep everyone in the loop

Hr onboarding software ensure that all stakeholders are informed about the new hire.

Align Company Vision with Employee Interest

Performance management tools

Vite provides tools for tracking employee performance against the required competencies. This enables organizations to identify high-performing employees, as well as those who may need additional support or development.

Our training and development plans are designed to develop the specific competencies required for each role, ensuring that employees receive the training they need to perform their job functions effectively. Our performance management tools enable you to track employee progress against the required competencies, and our succession planning capabilities help you to identify high-potential employees who may be able to fill key roles in the future.

Gamified Rewards & Awards

Our competency framework creator is designed to be flexible and adaptable, enabling you to update and modify the framework as job roles and requirements change over time. This ensures that the framework remains relevant and effective in guiding the development of employees and the organization as a whole.

Vite enables organizations to identify employees who have the potential to fill key roles in the future. This helps organizations to develop a pipeline of talent and to ensure that they have the right people in place to meet their future needs.

Moving From Credits To Outcomes

Offboarding - Make a Bad Process Better

Using employee offboarding software can help make a bad process better by streamlining administrative tasks, improving consistency, and ensuring compliance. Let the team know of the employee’s upcoming departure and monitor the team’s reaction and needs.

Employee Termination Process

Document the contract termination

Notify their team

Let the team know of the employee’s upcoming departure.

Mitigate security risks

Reclaiming company assets and revoking employee access to company accounts

Prevent legal issues

Such as contract disputes, compensation, or wrongful termination

Prepare compensation, benefits, and tax documents

Preparing tax and benefits documentation for the employee to take before they leave

Exit interviews and surveys

Get valuable feedback for improvement and Part ways on the best possible terms.

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