Create An Innovative Culture In Your Organization

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Innovative Culture
Align Company Vision with Employee Interest

Align Company Vision With Employee Interest

Using employee training software, Company can personalize training so that will match the company’s vision with employees’ skills and learning interests.

Apply Learning To Real-World Situations

When it comes to applying learning to real-world situations in the context of employee training software, choosing the right software can make all the difference. Vite first ensures that employees can apply the methodology internally with innovative ideas and HR can assign budgets as well as HRs can create gamification experiences for employees.

Apply Learning To Real World Situations
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Creating Innovative Culture

Creating an innovative culture within an organization requires more than just implementing employee training and development software. Vite platforms providing employees with further support after a learning and course enrollment feedback and innovation creation ensures that they can apply learning to specific challenges.

Moving From Credits To Outcomes

In order to begin practicing lean learning, organizations need to move from measuring CPEs earned to measuring business outcomes created. Lean learning ensures that employees not only learn the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reasons, but also that they retain what they learn.

Moving From Credits To Outcomes

How Does It Work?


PersonalizationAlign learning opportunities to company and employees' goals


Motivational SupportInnovation the core of what you need to learn aligned with allotted budget from company


ApplicationApplying it to real-world situations immediately with measurable impacts


FeedbackReceiving immediate feedback and refining your understanding

Workplace Innovation And How To Drive It

Companies are in need of new ideas to gain an advantage in the game.

Recommendations for Employees

Recommendations for employees to thrive in the learning process, which include internal knowledge sharing sections, business development and integration opportunities, and in-company projects

Impact assessment for Human Resources Managers

Impact assessment for Human Resources Managersto allow these professionalsto have access to information, such as employee’s learning performance, course attendance, engagement, feedback, and happiness level. By providing and measuring feedback at every stage of the learning process, the platform contributes to improved communication during performance appraisals.

Motivational tips

Motivational tips that engage employees with a focus on learning about and removing any obstacles they might face during the process


Employee recognition is a powerful way to engage your employees, which is a prerequisite for innovation in the workplace. In fact, research shows that 88% of employees that receive strong performance recognition are proactively innovating.

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Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum. Rather, it is a product of vibrant brainstorming sessions and exposure to others’ points of view. When employees approach a single matter from different angles, they can see it more holistically and spot opportunities for improvement more easily.

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