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Vite is your employee onboarding automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails to complete the documents and the compliance — and so much more.

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Revolutionize Onboarding with Vite HR

Join the future of HR management with Vite HR's AI-powered onboarding, training, and compliance management platform. Transform your employee experience and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Discover the possibilities today.

Crafting Better First Days

Create an exceptional onboarding experience with electronic signatures, personalized onboarding tasks, and IT checklists that make the first days for your new hires not just good but great.

Crafting Lasting Goodbyes

Master the art of offboarding with precision. Our solution helps you plan and execute offboarding processes that are not only effective but also leave a lasting positive impression, even in farewells.

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Gamifying Industries, Where Every Onboarding Unlocks Fun and Awards!

Public Transport

Ensure the safety of commuters on public transport by leveraging Vite HR to train and monitor transportation personnel, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and promoting a secure travel environment.


Revolutionize the manufacturing industry by utilizing Vite HR to efficiently onboard workers, integrate safety protocols, and enhance core competencies, fostering a workforce that drives production excellence.


Empower retail teams with Vite HR, offering gamified onboarding, personalized training, and meaningful rewards, creating a motivated workforce that delivers exceptional customer experiences.


Transform the healthcare sector with Vite HR, streamlining onboarding for medical professionals, optimizing training modules, and ensuring compliance, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient care.

Financial Services

In the financial sector, Vite HR streamlines onboarding processes, ensures compliance with industry regulations, and enhances the skills of financial professionals, contributing to a dynamic and efficient financial services ecosystem.


Drive innovation in the tech sector with Vite HR, where strategic onboarding and continuous training empower employees to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring sustained growth and progress.

Gamifying Industries, Where Every Onboarding Unlocks Fun and Awards!

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Why Gamified Onboarding?

Imagine a world where your new hires eagerly anticipate their onboarding process. With Vite HR, this vision becomes a reality. Our gamified training modules take the monotony out of learning, injecting an element of excitement that transforms onboarding into an interactive journey.

Embark on a new era of employee onboarding with Vite HR. Our gamified approach transforms the onboarding experience into a dynamic adventure, creating a positive and lasting impression on your new hires. Make learning enjoyable, retention effortless, and engagement second nature. Join us at Vite HR, where onboarding meets excitement, and success begins with a game-changing start.


Embark on a Dynamic Onboarding Adventure with Vite HR

Where Every Start is a Game-Changer.

Your journey into a new era of employee onboarding begins at Vite HR, where we redefine the onboarding experience. With our gamified approach, we transform the process into a dynamic adventure, leaving a positive and lasting impression on your new hires. At Vite HR, we believe in making learning enjoyable, retention effortless, and engagement second nature. Join us in creating a workplace where onboarding meets excitement, setting the stage for unparalleled success.


In a world where HR is more than just a function, Vite HR stands at the forefront, delivering modules that transcend traditional approaches. Experience the evolution of HR solutions with Vite HR - where innovation meets implementation.

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