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Learning & Innovation Comes First

Using Vite, Employee can personalize learning so that it adapts skills and technologies based on employee performance, skills & intrests , tailoring content to every single employee’s needs, learning style, and delivery method. Vite will be well positioned to help employees achieve their career goals and contribute to companies.

Improved Communication During

Yearly Performance Appraisals

Individual 360 Performance Report helps get detailed individual performance metric. It checks periodically the improvement of the performance. It provides detailed analysis of project engagement and association inside the organization.

Highlight key performance indicators such as employee achievements, Innovations & Feedbacks, Peer to peer reviews & appreciation, and engagement and conducting ongoing improvements in its operations.

Yearly Performance Appraisals

Remote work

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Product release

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Campaign planning

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The platform identifies employees’ and client companies’ goals to make customized recommendations that address their challenges in an effective manner. The platform also allows the Company to receive feedback from employees at every stage of the process.

Employee Wellbeing

Vite guarantees employee wellbeing, aggregation and inclusion, and change readiness thus improving all the metrics like stress level, happiness.

Learning Opportunities

Platform that will recommend learning opportunities, measure impact, and receive feedback from employees and employers in a constant basis.

Align Company's goals

New approach will lead to the optimization of your company’s strategic goals, employees’ professional goals.

Individual Performance Report

Individual Performance Report helps get a detailed individual performance metric. It checks periodically the improvement of the performance.

Key Benefits


Alignment with career and company goals


One platform that combines all professional development opportunities improving search and consolidating information


Engaging employees using learning application recommendations


Productivity and engagement measured throughout the learning journey, including learning application


Engaging employees with a focus on learning and removing all other planning obstacles


Providing and measuring Feedback at every stage of the learning path leading to an improved dialogue during performance appraisal

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Computer Science

CS50's Introduction to Computer Science



Python Basics for Data Science

Python Basics for Data Science



Energy Within Environmental Constraints

Energy Within Environmental Constraints



Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market



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Software Development

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