Employee Performance Improvement Software

What We Do?

Vite Biz Inc has created a well crafted strategy to help employers and employees overcome the challenges dis cussed in the previous section.

The Company now launches in Canada and thereafter in North America its artificial intelligence based professional development platform that recommends learning opportunities, measures impact, and employee feedback platform and employers in a constant basis.

This approach leads to the optimization of client company’s strategic goals, employees’ professional goals, and more. it is leading employee performance improvement software that increase increase employee productivity and 360 employee performance appraisal

Employee Performance Improvement Software


One platform that combines all professional development opportunities improving search and consolidating information.


The platform engages employees with a special focus placed on learning and removing all other planning obstacles.


Productivity and engagement a re measured throughout the learning journey, including learning application.


The platform engages employees using learning application recommendations.


The learning recommendations are entirely aligned with career and company goals.


The platform provides and measures feedback at every stage of the learning path leading to an improved dialogue during performance appraisal.

How It Works

Vite Biz Inc offers a single platform that will combine all professional development opportunities by improving search functions and consolidating information.Vite platform captures skills and tools data from employees’ LinkedIn profiles in order to identify the necessary data. The next step of the process involves customized recommendations the platform matches employees’ skills and tools of interest with what they want to learn and with employers’ goals.

For example for Vite users in India and MENA region, if an employee whose skills and tools include digital transformation and IT and Docker and Machine Learning, respectively. The courses recommended to this employee by the platform match these key words with the learning goals of the employee and the employer.