Understand Your Team Efforts

Solve management challenges with help from our actionable insights.

Measure Project Performance

Vite HR performance system analysis also suggests improvement in the sector of team performance. There has also been showcasing of innovative techniques, measurements, and a steady skill improvement amongst the company staff.

Performace Report

Key Features

The software enables managers and employees to collaborate and communicate with each other, share feedback and progress, and work together to achieve goals.

Understand your team efforts

The software provides managers with various reports and analytics on employee performance, such as goal completion rates, feedback trends, and overall performance scores.

Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Vite HR is leading 360 employee performance software. Now create innovative work culture with more productive and engaged team. It provides detailed analysis of project engagement and association inside the organization.

Employee Performance Improvement Plan
Project Work Log Analysis

Project Work Log Analysis

Improvement in team performance can be observed with work log analysis. Moreover, employees’ project performance analysis based on tags and work types is entirely supported on work pattern analysis it helps in total workforce management.

Integrate With Everyday Working Tools

The software can be accessible on mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience for both managers and employees.The software may have ability to integrate with other HR systems such as employee self-service portals, benefits administration, and payroll systems.

Integrate With Everyday Working Tools

How Does It Work?


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