Non Human Touch Contactless Attendance System

Non Human Touch Contactless Attendance System

The hi-tech biometric attendance system appears to have fail.

“Switch Off” Biometric Attendance

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According to an Epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, coronavirus can stay active on an infected surface for a “few hours to a few days”. Another research states that coronavirus can stay upto 5 days on any metal, ceramic and plastic surface. The Post Covid-19 office will say bye bye to the biometric attendance system thus Contactless attendance systems will rise by 20% in the year 2020 as per ABI research. However, we have to understand that the Market is being told to adopt a Facial biometric attendance system which is extremely harmful and is easily hackable using an employees photograph.

The Alternative

Any HR, and for that matter any employer would never like to spread infection via biometric attendance system nor they want to get tizzy over breach of employee’s facial data. The time is here to look for a solution that is reliable, non biometric, more secure.

QR Code Based Solution We Made

You have an option of a stand alone infection free attendance system with the same concept of Scan QR Code from a distance of few meters, a safe distance to mark attendance.

The employee will need to scan the code in order to confirm their attendance. It will speed up the process of taking attendance and no more cost involve.

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Deployment Info

Cost: Free for all of users for 12 months
Timeline: Within 12 hours you can go live