Slack integration

Step 1

Sign in with slack

Steps for sign in with slack

Click on Sign With Slack button

  • Sign in to your workspace
  • Sign in to your workspace with your email
  • After sign in you'll redirect to this permission page.
Step 2

Add to slack

Steps for add to slack

Click on Add To Slack button.

After clicking on add to slack you'll redirect to this permission page.

  • Select channel name where vite can post messages.
Step 3

Go with slack

How to use vite app in slack ?

The vite slash commands allow you to track time and attendance for your team without having to leave Slack. We help you to check the happiness of your team so it will help you to improve it for better productivity. Task data is aggregated into roll-up totals to show global performance. You can set expectations and share relevant information with the right audience. And manage payroll, work productivity, project costing or simply to see who's working and on what.

You can choose who to add to Vite biz and they will receive a slack message or email notification and can start tracking time right away.

Your slack team can track time by interacting with vite slash commands

  • / command for login into the vite.
  • /vite.break command for take a break.
  • /vite.worklog command for add your today's worklog.
  • /vite.out command for logout from the vite.

To get more details check out the full list of commands in our documentation