Celebrate Moments With Colleagues

Celebrate Moments With Colleagues

Inspired by research in positive psychology


Who doesn’t love a cake or chocolate on the birthday (or work anniversary) from a manager or colleague? With our “We are one team by Vite” employee recognition software, employees can simply check a colleague’s special day and wish them on that special day. Instant peer recognition improves team communication while boosting morale.

Celebrate Moments

Add An Employee

1. In Vite biz Platform’s home page, click the Add Employee button at the top right corner.

2. In the Add New Employee page, provide a Date of birth for the employee.

3. In the Add New Employee page, provide a Joining Date for the employee.

4. Click the Save button.

On successful creation of the employee, the page would redirect to the employee listing page. You can further edit details or add another employee from here.

Get Notified On That Day

System will automatically send a notification on all mobile devices and create a post on company’s social feed where others can like it and write a message in comments.

Highly Engaged Teams

Show 21% Greater Profitability

This finding by Gallup punctuates the fact that employee engagement consists of concrete behavior, not an abstract feeling. Organizations that view engagement as a feeling conduct employee surveys and offer perks to improve the results. The report finds that the most successful organizations make employee engagement central to their business strategy. They give employees clear expectations and provide them with the tools and support to do their best work. Why are engaged teams more profitable? Those teams who score in the top 20% in engagement realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism, and 59% less turnover. Engaged employees show up every day with passion, purpose, presence, and energy.

Source: Forbes

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