Less Admin Time, More Review Completions

Engagement Click on Engagement from the menu. Social Feeds Click on Social Feed tab. You can sell all social post in here and you can share your thoughts as well. Meetings Click on Meetings tab for see meeting list. Here you can see upcoming meetings. Holiday Click on Holidays tab for see upcoming holidays. Feedbacks Click on Feedbacks tab for see all feedbacks from employees […]

Employee Engagement

Sample Of Questions For Employee Engagement Surveys

When you ask the right employee engagement questions, you will be able to determine an employee’s engagement level. Employee engagement survey questions are crucial for improving employees performance, satisfaction and reducing company’s turnover rate. Every company should implement employee engagement surveys at least once or twice a year. In general, these surveys are anonymous in order for […]

Is Your Company Future Ready?

Howard Yu, Jialu Shan, Angelo Boutalikakis, Laurence Tempel, and Zuriati Balian analyzed top companies by revenue across four sectors, measuring seven equally weighted factors, then analyzed what leading companies were doing differently. The pandemic put companies under a tremendous amount of stress. It revealed who is ready for the many changes the near future will […]